Photovoltaic Systems - Solar Energy

We supply leading-technology, high quality poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline solar panels as well as power inverters. We also provide research & development, engineering and consulting services for solar energy projects. Our mission is to offer competitive prices, together with top quality in our products and services; as Swiss companies have always been known for it.

With Aekip, You get the best value for the price you pay; this is why choosing Aekip products and services is a “Smart Choice”.


High Quality “Poly-Crystalline” and “Mono-Crystalline” Modules


Design, Engineering and Consulting Services

Relying on our qualified team, having cooperation with construction, financial and investment partners; we provide EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and consulting services for solar energy projects. Quality and Efficiency are the most important aspects of our services.


Research, Development and Test Services

We have qualified and experienced experts and we are in close collaboration with the EPFL research groups. This makes us a strong and efficient group in research, development, design and characterization of solar devices and systems.

We offer research & development services on third-generation solar cell technologies, such as perovskite cells, polymer cells and Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs).


Aekip stands for “High Quality and Competitive Prices”

Choosing Aekip is a “Smart Choice”.


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