Photonics, Lasers & Spectroscopy

Design, Engineering & Measurement Services

Aekip provides complete solutions in photonics, laser systems and optical spectroscopy. Aekip is formed of experts in lasers, spectroscopy and solar energy. They have PhD degrees in the field, mostly obtained from the EPFL in Switzerland. They have accumulated extensive experience in academia and in industry. Having highly qualified experts and being in close connection with several research groups at the EPFL, makes us a strong and efficient group in design and development of optical setups, photonic systems and solar cells; and in performing spectroscopy measurements. We perform projects in Switzerland and abroad.

We are pleased to offer comprehensive solutions in:

- Optical and THz spectroscopy measurements on customer samples

- Design and implementation of optical / spectroscopy set-ups and photonic systems

- Installation, commissioning and maintenance of lasers and optical systems

- Inspection and securing optical set-ups for safety aspects


We have extensive expertise and know-how on following fields:

- Laser Technology

- Femtosecond Lasers

- Optical Spectroscopy

- Terahertz Technology

- Nonlinear Optics

- Solar Cells


We have also many years of experience in very advanced techniques of ultrafast spectroscopy, such as:

- Broadband THz Spectroscopy

- Transient Absorption Spectroscopy

- Fluorescence Up-Conversion Spectroscopy

- Photon-Echo and Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy


We would be pleased to design and develop your needed optical set-ups and photonic systems. Please contact us for further information.


Measurement Services: Optical and THz Spectroscopy

We offer measurement services to our customers by performing needed optical and THz spectroscopy measurements on their solid-state and liquid phase samples.

Femtosecond and nanosecond experiments: 

  • Transient Absorption (Pump-Probe) Measurements
  • THz-TDS and Optical Pump - THz Probe Measurements
  • Fluorescence Up-Conversion Spectroscopy

Steady-state experiments: 

  • Steady-State Absorption Measurements
  • Fluorescence Spectrum and Quantum Yield Measurements


We are here to serve you by perfoming spectroscopy measurements on your samples. What you need is to rely on our expertise in technical aspects of the project, so you can focus on the results!


Our Mission is to provide Top Quality Services. Try Swiss quality with us!

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