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Second-Hand Industrial Equipment

Purchase, Sales and Exports

Aekip is active in sales and exports of second-hand industrial and laboratory equipment, and in particular laser machining and metal-working equipment, industrial and scientific lasers, spectroscopy and analysis equipment, etc.

The range of products on which we are interested includes (but not limited to):

– Industrial and scientific lasers such as semiconductor and solid-state lasers, CO2 lasers, Ti:Saphire femtosecond lasers, etc.

– Laser machining equipment, CNC machines, 3D printing machines, etc.

– Optical measurement and testing equipment such as spectrometers, fluorometers, monochromators, etc.

– Microscopy systems such as confocal microscopes, fluorescence and near field microscopy systems, electron microscopes, etc.

– Electronic measurement and testing Equipment.

– Divers industrial and lab equipment

Our equipment are sold with guarantee for repair, replacement or reimbursement.

Sell your used equipment

We are interested in buying your used industrial and laboratory equipment. We can also help and assist you in selling them directly. 
Upon your request, our experts will come to your workshop or laboratory to evaluate your equipment for sale. This service is free of charge and with no commitment for you. After evaluation of the equipment, either we buy your equipment, or we take care of selling them to customers while you keep the possession of the equipment until the sale is concluded. 

Our promise is to deliver the best quality in products and services, together with competitive prices.

Please contact us for further information on our products and services.

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