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SMEs – Start-ups

At Aekip SA, we excel in the intricate art of deal-making and negotiation. We provide comprehensive services for investors, business owners, start-ups, and established companies. We ensure you get the best possible deals, whether you’re looking to acquire a new business, seek investment, or sell your company.

For Investors: Discover Lucrative Opportunities
Deal Sourcing: We identify and present compelling business purchase opportunities both within Switzerland and on the global stage. Our portfolio includes a wide array of SMEs, start-ups, and innovative firms.

Due Diligence and Analysis: We conduct rigorous deal analysis. Our due diligence process ensures that the selected cases align with your investment criteria, and budget. Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of each opportunity.

Negotiation Expertise: We manage the entire negotiation process, from price discussions to transaction conditions. We work tirelessly to secure the best possible deal terms, ensuring you acquire businesses at attractive prices.

For Business Owners: Selling Your Company
If you’re looking to sell your company, we offer professional negotiation services. We will guide you through the complex process of closing a deal while striving to maximize your returns.

For Start-ups and Companies Seeking Investment: Venture Capital, Funding, Investments
For start-ups and companies seeking investment, we can assist in the negotiation process for investment rounds. We aim to secure favorable terms for you.

Our Competitive Advantage: We are performance-driven. Our fees are success-based, tied to the effectiveness of our research and negotiation services. In most cases, we charge a percentage of the value gained as a result of our deal scouting and negotiations, making our services not just exceptional but also cost-effective.

Let Aekip SA be your trusted partner in the complex world of deal-making and negotiations. We’re committed to helping you achieve the most advantageous outcomes in every transaction.

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